Ecua-circus, Casa Abierta, Pre-birthday Jitters, and Other Randoms

Its been less than a week, so I don´t have TOO much to write about, but here we go. Last week after I posted here, I met with the PC doctor to get a flu shot. I got to see some other volunteers, so that was cool. I also picked up a few things I needed that I could only find in the city, like cat food.

Friday, I had my usual reading hour with the kids. This week starts English lessons immediately following the reading hour. Friday I was supposed to head to Jipijapa and meet up with another volunteer for the weekend, but she called to say she had a fever, which was kind of a bummer, because we were planning on visiting La Isla de la Plata, which is nicknamed “The poor man’s Galapagos”. It’s ok though, we have two years to get around to it, right?

Saturday, I went to the city even though I had not really been planning on it… see, Friday night I realized I had left my USB in the internet café there. Luckily, I go to the same place every time, and I have talked with the owner, so she knows me and that I am a volunteer… she had my USB waiting at her desk! Oh the advantages of being a novelty gringa. The best part of my day was skyping with a friend that I hadn’t talked to in awhile. It put me in a great mood. When I came back from using internet, I spent the afternoon hanging around with my cousins who are around my age. They are a hoot… they sit on the porch and comment about the guys that ride by the main road. They are really good at painting nails, so they gave me a very pretty mani/pedi, with a flower design and everything. I guy rode by on a horse selling some kind of toffee/carmel thing… it was delicious. Saturday night was fun too… I went to an Ecuadorian circus! It was small, with wooden planks precariously balanced on metal stands to make up the bleachers. There were no animals, but there was an acrobat, and a contortionist, and a crazy guy running outside of what I can only describe as a giant swinging hamster wheel. Between acts there were little comedy sketches that were quite funny. Bonus: They were selling candy apples for 75 cents! I obviously purchased one.

Sunday I spent most of the day at an open house at one of the two high schools in the nearby town. Once a year, they have an open house as a fundraiser. You pay a quarter to enter, and each class is responsible for a stand to sell food. They had tons of different dishes to try, and I tried a few small things, but I ended up with Ceviche for lunch, which is one of my favorite dishes here in Ecuador. Besides the food stands, there were also little activities that the students, parents, and professors were participating in to raise money, like a jump roping contest and basketball games. I came home to an empty house (my family had gone to one of the “off limits” beaches for the day) and it was a welcome break. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the hammock and enjoying the quiet. It was quite a pleasant Sunday. (That’s right; I can use a HAMMOCK without falling out of it!!! Maybe my grace is improving in Ecuador! …Then again, maybe not- after all, I did kind of fall getting out of a pickup truck the other day.)

Monday I was dizzy and nauseous, so I stayed home. I actually think it might have been dehydration/sun poisoning. I had worn sun block and a baseball cap Sunday, but had stupidly worn a tank top, so my shoulders and the back of my neck were fried. What’s more, it was super hot out and I only drank two bottles of water. My own fault I guess. I made use of my time at home though… I put together lesson plans for my English classes this Friday.

Tuesday I met with the high school students to go over their role at the health fair Thursday, and then spent the rest of the day doing various other errands for the much anticipated Feria. I really hope this fair goes off well… there will be a lot of great resources there, so I hope people show.

I am feeling a little weird about my birthday this weekend. For one, it doesn’t feel like it should be my birthday… maybe it’s because, with the exception of my 21st in India, I am used to the fall weather leading up to October. It is perpetually hot and sunny here, so it doesn’t feel at all like the last week of September. The second is, when everyone was asking each other about birthdays and ages at the beginning of training back in June, October seemed like a ways off. If its October 1st, that means I have been here for FOUR months… is that really possible? The third (and more influential) reason for my hesitation is that I know my host family is planning something and I am wondering how big it will be. I am sure I will end up having fun, but I just wish I had some idea of what to expect. I guess I’ll find out in three days…!!!! (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how it goes =p)


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  1. I thought the best part of your day was skyping with your mom!!<3


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