For Your Entertainment/Just Because

As a result of my impending loss of oh-so-convenient internet, I have been spending too much time on the computer lately, and it is rarely for good reason. When I got here in June I was pleasantly surprised to have internet, and I kept telling myself to remember that I probably wouldn’t have it in my site, but I am still a little bummed to be losing it. I know I will be doing lots of awesome things at my site, and I will adjust just fine to not having internet, but I think that aimlessly surfing is just my way of saying bye to it. So, for your entertainment and a little glimpse into my brain, I have included two lists for you. Go ahead and laugh, but please don’t judge… I judge myself enough for the both of us, thanks =).

Websites I have frequented too often lately (in no particular order):

1. Facebook (duh, this isn’t new)
2. Email (both gmail and my Stonehill account.) Sad I know. Which leads me too….
3. Stonehill’s Monday Morning Update/Stonehill Website in general (I’m just an interested alum, you know?)
4. HarborOne Online Banking (why do you keep checking your balance Katrina? It will NOT magically increase)
5. Google Translate (sometimes, my little dictionary just doesn’t have the word I’m looking for)
6. Wordpress (This is my 3rd post in 4 days… I think that says enough.)
7. PeaceCorpsJournals (A collection of PCV blogs from around the world. Awesome stuff.)
8. HappyHerbivore (I have been obsessively saving recipes to my computer for the coming months when I will have to cook for myself/will not have regular internet to google things)
9. Photobucket (Why do I take so many pictures, and why do they take so long to upload?)
10. CNN/BBC (I’m proud of this one)
11. (…and super embarrassed of this one)
12. AmeriCorps (I know it’s a bit too early to be thinking about post-service stuffs, but I was just curious…)

And things I’ve googled (admittedly, more than once):

1. Grad School Programs (I know, I know. I’m crazy. See notes on #12)
2. My horoscope (Looking at just one website does not yield the results I want)
3. Prettiest beaches in Manabi (For my future vacations)
4. Gender and Development Activities
5. Sex Ed Activities
6. Handicraft Ideas
7. U.S. government regulations for bring pets into the U.S. from other countries (I want a puppy!)
8. Fundraising Ideas
9. Ways to prevent mosquito bites
10. Tips for traveling across South America (another post-service notion)

There you have it… I think this gives a pretty good idea of how my brain is functioning these days.


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