A Wonderful Moment

Even though I wrote to you all yesterday, something happened today that I wanted to share!


Up until now, when I am speaking Spanish, I am constantly thinking it in English and translating it in my head before I speak, but today that is not what happened. Today we had to present to our training officers and other health volunteers. The idea was to use the information we collected during tech trip, apply it to a fake community, come up with projects, and then propose/present those projects to “the community leaders of the town” aka our training officers. Nathan and I were proposing gender discussion classes for adults, gender and sex ed classes for teens, a community bank for women, technical/handicraft classes for sex workers, and research into the prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the community. I don’t know what happened; I got up there and just felt super on point. I barely looked at the notes I had written out, and when they asked questions I was able to immediately answer in Spanish. Sure, my grammar and pronunciation were probably not 100% correct, but I was so much more fluid in my speaking and I was actually making sense without having to think about every single word. Of course, this was a momentary thing (I have since reverted back to thinking in English) but it was a much needed boost of confidence that came at the perfect time.


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  1. Wooohooo!! that’s awesome katrina! you win! 🙂 muy bien.


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